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An important part of the mechanical engineering department is the production and assembly, the production of prototypes, unique items, series, as well as the assembly of several parts to a finished product. Milanović Inženjering is specialized in the production and assembly of production templates, welding templates, welding jigs and control templates.

Production Templates
Production templates are used in the mechanical engineering and railway industry. Production templates stand at the beginning of the production of high-quality, technical products. Without Production templates no production of such products can take place.

Welding Templates / Welding jigs
In welding, often welding templates and jigs are used to optimally position the different parts. In this way, the welding process is optimized and several functions may be fitted on to the metal. Welding templates and jigs are essential in a manufacturing process in which welding technology is needed.

Control Templates
Control templates are very important in order to guarantee the quality control of the systems. Control templates verify all desired physical properties, as well as pressure, hardness, strength, and many other features. The great advantage of a good monitoring system is, that it offers you security to produce according to the previously specified requirements.

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Milanović Inženjering maintains its position on the market through its extensive production and process technology and its accreditations for the manufacturing of components that are liable to registration. The focus is on the development of the mechanical processing, as well as on the component assembly production.