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GSI SLV CertificateMilanović Inženjering is a certified specialist company for welding.

From customized fabrications to medium lot size production, Milanović offers high-quality welding constructions of metals such as ferritic steels, chrome-nickel steels and aluminum alloys. For this purpose Milanović holds the most important welding licenses and welding procedure qualifications for parts subject to acceptance. At Milanović the welding procedures MIG-/TIG-/MAG-/ and MMA- welding are applied.

Our qualified welders, with extensive working experience are certified and trained for individual demands allowing us a professional and highly efficient development of solutions for nearly all welding challenges, which occur in our many, diverse projects.

Execution of welding according to certification level CL1 in compliance with EN 15085-2

Grand Verification of Suitability for Welding Certificate EN 1090-EX2 (former DIN 18800)

Certified Welding Manufacturer according to ISO 3834-2

Parent Metals:
•    Steel
•    Aluminum
•    Stainless Steel

Welding processes:
131, Metal-Inert-Gas-Welding (MIG)
135, Metal-Active-Gas-Welding (MAG)
141, Tungsten-Inert-Gas-Welding (TIG)
111, Manual-Electrical-Welding (MMA)

Welding Equipment:
MIG/MAG HAANE Single-column-portal-system Series BZ4
MIG/MAG FRONIUS Welding equipment VarioSynergic 5000 – 8 Units
MIG/MAG FRONIUS Welding equipment Transpuls Synergic 4000 – 3 Units
WIG Fronius Welding equipment Magic Wave 2500 – 2 Units

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Milanović Inženjering maintains its position on the market through its extensive production and process technology and its accreditations for the manufacturing of components that are liable to registration. The focus is on the development of the mechanical processing, as well as on the component assembly production.