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Bratilav MilanovicDear friends and partners,

We, at Milanović inženjering, take a great joy in working and growing with you, continuously developing ourselves and becoming better in all aspects of our business over the past decades

Our people, with their passion and enthusiasm, enabled Milanović inženjering become a reputable member of distinguished international engineering and manufacturing community.

To position ourselves and exceed expectation of even most demanding clients, we have constantly been trying to raise the bar with regard to quality of our products and services.

Nowadays, Milanović inženjering is proud to be a reliable partner of a number of renowned companies worldwide.
In addition to a wide range of engineering and manufacturing services that we regularly offer, we have specialized in meeting the needs of the rail vehicle industries. Design, manufacturing and welding of aluminum components for train car bodies with implementation of the highest international standards, is one of our major areas of expertise. We also provide our clients with the design and turn-key solutions when it comes to tooling needed for a variety of production processes, such as special welding jigs and fixtures.

The industrial and potable water treatment solutions is another strategic activity and development focus of Milanović inženjering. Over the last 15 years we have been providing our partners in regional and international markets with design, and manufacturing of mobile or standard water treatment plants, securing desired water quality and capacity through developing and implementing the latest and most sophisticated technology. Thanks to this innovative approach, Milanović inženjering participated in several major projects in the North Africa and Middle East, designing and manufacturing water supply systems, brackish water mobile units and desalinization plants.

Our goal is to continue moving forward and growing together with by making our businesses even more competitive and attractive to end-users.

We look forward to building new friendships and long-term business relationships.

Welcome to Milanović inženjering.

Bratislav Milanović
Founder & Owner

...building the future together...

Milanović Inženjering maintains its position on the market through its extensive production and process technology and its accreditations for the manufacturing of components that are liable to registration. The focus is on the development of the mechanical processing, as well as on the component assembly production.